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Situated between Tejo and Algarve, the Alentejo is today a congested, preserved and safe territory, with a history marked by the rich heritage and culture that give it identity and authenticity. Although it occupies about a third of the Portuguese territory, it is still a region almost unknown for most of the tourists, reason why it becomes even more attractive.


From Elvas, a city known for the richness of its historical heritage, home to the largest set of fortifications-bastions in the world, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2012; to Évora, a city with traces of many ages, through which Roman, Visigoths and Muslims passed. You will find an outdoor museum surrounded by world heritage that dates back two thousand years.


The Alentejo is a destination of excellence, where you cannot miss the traditional and tasty regional cuisine. The many hectares of ancient vineyards and olive trees that exist throughout the region make it the main wine and olive oil producer in Portugal and one of the largest representatives of these areas in the world, whose quality is widely recognized internationally.


Fruit perhaps of the stillness of the plain, this region is accustomed by a simple people, but not simpleton. with an immense heart and known for his art of well-being. Come with us to know the Alentejo, with his calm and relaxed behavior, solving problems and divergences at the table with camaraderie, a good fork and a good glass.


Capture your essence and fall in love with the irresistible nature of this immense region, full of history, traditions, irresistible flavors and welcoming people.


Alentejo Days of Experience



Capture the essence of Alentejo, region of endless landscapes, a milenar history, and rich gastronomy!