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This is a region of villages and towns that breathe history, legends, customs and traditions, where all scenarios are magical, where you can meet or rediscover the heartbeat of a country.


Coimbra is one of the oldest Portuguese cities with a wealth of architectural heritage, being the first capital of the kingdom of D. Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal. Throughout the city there are marks left by the nation’s builders, be they the narrow streets, courtyards, stairways and medieval arches, such as the dependencies of the University, created by D. Dinis in the twelfth century, or monuments of almost obligatory visit, the interventions of D. João III, the Marquis of Pombal and D. Manuel. From the grandeur of the Joanine Library to the symbolism of the Santa Cruz Monastery, founded in 1131, the Old Cathedral, the Monastery of Santa Clara the Old and the Royal Palace in Almedina.


No less important is the cultural heritage of the city, where the most illustrious thinkers and teachers converge from the outset.Get to know this secular university by walking the same streets that the students go through and visiting the “Pátio das Escolas”, formerly a medieval palace. It will witness centuries of traditions and history of a city that grew up around the oldest university in Portugal, World Heritage since 2013.


Known as the “Portuguese Venice” Aveiro is a city that lets itself be quietly dominated by the Ria de Aveiro. Embark on a moliceiro and go through the canals of the ria, which like roads of silver water lead us through the city.In the center of the city, renew your forces with the regional delicacies. Take a chance on an eel stew or get lost in the delicious regional sweets, letting the soft eggs awaken your palate.


Go to the various historical villages of the central region, which are the fruit of the work of several generations of kings who, concerned with the defense of the territory due to the proximity to the Spanish border, were in charge of populating and fortifying that region where castles were built by various governments that have passed in the region. Visit villages the historical centers and their religious heritage, popular architecture, palaces and manor houses, castles, ramparts and pillars.


Let yourself be inspired by the breathtaking landscape and enjoy some of the most characteristic products such as cheese, wine, lamb, lamb, sausages and typical regional olive oil from the central region of Portugal.


Let yourself be transported to Medieval Portugal.


Coimbra & Aveiro Days of Experience



Visit the City of Students and the Portuguese Venice. Discover some of the paradises in the center of Portugal!