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Why the Safe & Clean certification?

Bearing in mind the threat to international public health represented by COVID-19, we adhere to the praiseworthy certification initiative “Clean & Safe” by Turismo de Portugal, ensuring the existence of an internal protocol that defines the necessary prevention, control and surveillance procedures, according to the requirements defined by Turismo de Portugal, following the guidelines of the DGS.

Going further in Safe & Clean

However, we felt that it was necessary to go further, so we established a work commitment that seeks to fully respond to the superior demands of our customers and the greater complexity of our services (as we integrate a greater diversity of experiences to allow real immersion in our culture).

Our compromise Clean & Safe

Fully comply with the requirements of “Clean & Safe” certification

Within the scope of this certification, we are committed to:  training our employees about our internal protocol; to inform our customers about it and the basic preventive precautions; ensuring equipment, basic safety conditions, hygiene procedures to ensure the safety of our employees; ensure compliance with our partners’ hygiene and safety protocols.

Train our guides to lead the groups to respect and verify the established measures

Capacitate our guides to work as true leaders: implementing our internal protocol safety; communicate carefully and sensitize participants to respect rules (and guarantee that they are respected); guarantee daily monitoring; to be prepare to manage suspected infection; verify if the suppliers are respecting the protocols conditions assumed.

Check with our suppliers the implemented measures and their suitability

Analyzing, with the health and safety responsible, the adequacy to our customers’ requirements and the characteristics of the service, in compliance with DGS directives. Verifying its effective implementation and creating a continuous improvement reporting system, resulting from the corrective actions implemented by our suppliers.

Tailormade each tour to the costumer’s specific concerns in terms of health and safety

Present in advance for all their tours a health and safety plan, checking with our clients its adequacy in order to adapt and improve it.

Enabling the continuous improvement system to respond to new health and safety needs in our tours

Implement a continuous improvement system that allows the company to correct situations of non-compliance and incrementally improve the levels of health and safety in the provided services.

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