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The North of Portugal is bathed by the vast region of Minho, green and vibrant. Famous for its lush landscapes, and its rich and tasty food, not forgetting the warmth and kindness of the people, the cornerstone of the greatness of Portugal.


In this region we can find true peace of mind in the midst of nature, with fresh rivers and streams that refresh the wonderful fragrant air and invite you to a bath in its crystal-clear waters. You can also see how the flora and fauna combine, among the centuries-old pines and oaks, and wildlife.


This is also a region of great devotion and religious heritage. Here you will find huge monuments and isolated cathedrals in the middle of woods, ancient monasteries full of tradition, and fantastic and mystical stories. But there are also small and beautiful chapels on the road where you will most likely always find a lit candle, and still some of the most beautiful and original stretches of the Portuguese Way of Santiago.


Braga, the capital of Minho, is known for its heritage and religious events, being one of the oldest Portuguese cities and one of the oldest Christian cities in the world, full of old churches, monasteries and an impressive cathedral. In this city you can feel the true Catholic roots of Portugal, from the first Christians to the days of turmoil after the revolution of 1974. It is a young city, but with deep historical roots that intersect with the origins of the Portuguese faith.


Guimarães, considered the Cradle of the Portuguese Nation, has historically been associated with the most important events that led to the independence of Portugal, and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001. It was there that the main political and military events took place that would wash away the birth of a new Nation. This city will be able to take you on a wonderful journey back to the past. The Gothic architecture, the medieval castle, the royal palaces and other noble lodges that survived the passage of time will show you why we have a great passion for this city.


But the Minho is not only woods and mountains, or castles of enchantment and stories of great warriors and princesses. Discover Viana do Castelo, considered the “Mecca of Portuguese Architecture” by the magazine Wallpaper in 2009. In the Viana do Castelo district you can also contemplate the blue of the immense Atlantic Ocean, visit fishing villages and savor the delicacies that are put at the table and the fishermen bring fresh from the sea.