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Duration: 3 days

Duration: 3 days

The connections of different peoples transform the city of Porto, classified Cultural Patrimony of Humanity in 1996, in an open-air museum, where medieval architecture refers us to a history book.

During three carefully planned days, will introduce you Porto, to capture is true essence, through various experiences, gathering them during your stay, to give you a sense of what is Porto and what it means to his people.

Accompanied by a historian, we will take you to wander through the narrow and tortuous streets of this city full of contrasts and charms, on a trip to the true heart of Porto and its founding sites, immersing itself in a rich diversity of colors, aromas and flavors of Portuguese wines. You can witness one of the oldest activities of the town within a small fishing village, fishing. You will be lost in the center of Porto, walking in and out of the old city walls, in the cellars, and on the riverbank of the Douro. It was not by chance that in 2017, Port was elected for the third time, after 2012 and 2014, as Best European Destination. These are unforgettable experiences and moments in the capital of Northern Portugal.



Day 1



A voyage into Porto’s heart


Take a trip to the cradle and true heart of Porto, its Historic Center. Let your eyes wander through this immense treasure, which is home to a wealth of attractions and landmarks (churches, the Cathedral, mansions, gardens, and ancient city walls), and learn about the stories and legends that transformed this beautiful place. This remarkable expedition takes you from Baixa to the quay of the riverside area, where you will be amazed by the extraordinary landscape at your disposal.
During this journey, our history professional will introduce you to the city and help you understand other things and places that you will later discover for yourself.

Non traditional Porto and its secrets


Discover the Porto that only very few know: a secluded, mysterious and intricate Porto with alleyways and winding staircases that will feast all your senses. A journey to the mysteriousness of Porto, a city that goes way beyond plain sight. Join us in this sensorial quest for Porto’s hidden façade, its discovery and unravelling!

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My personalized request


Day 2



A trip to the world of Porto Wine


Vamos levá-lo a uma das mais antigas caves do Porto, de forma a mergulhar no extravagante mundo do vinho do Porto.
Sinta-se como um verdadeiro enófilo e um profissional, e explore os segredos deste vinho. Aproveite esta oportunidade para experimentar vários exemplares dos diversos tipos deste rico e aveludado vinho, e aprenda, nesta degustação comentada, os truques e as sugestões de como melhor distinguir as características e possíveis usos destes vinhos. Esta experiência dá-lhe a oportunidade de apurar os seus sentidos e aprimorar o seu conhecimento vinícola.
No acolhimento a esta experiência, o nosso profissional irá recebê-lo e introduzi-lo no Porto, ajudando-o a otimizar o tempo que vai ter disponível nesta cidade.

Day 3



Visit to a fishing village


Join us and come and visit a small and charismatic fishing village, just 10 minutes from the center of Porto, and immerse yourself in the history of its people, the secular fishing techniques that still influence the economy of this area, and the history of this area. Ancient art.
This is an experience that will take you against the Portuguese sea and fishing life, a hard life, full of large villages, but with an amazing and very fascinating history. Get to know the techniques that time has not changed, the oldest and newest costumes and the boats.
In the end, we leave you next to a friendly and very typical restaurant with the tasty fish that these people take from the sea every day. Tasty outdoor grilled fish, watered by tasty and fresh wine, will further envelop you in the fishing imagery that surrounds you in this area.

Paint your own tile


Make your own souvenir in Porto with this hands on experience, and take this opportunity to learn all the secrets and techniques behind the Portuguese tile art. By giving wings to your imagination, become part of this, which is one of the most distinctive form of culture in Portugal, the “azulejo”.

A house that tells stories


Join us and visit one of the most beautiful private romantic city gardens, a camellia oasis planted right next the golden Douro River. In the middle of this garden you will find a beautiful manor house that has many stories to tell and is waiting for you! Get to know Porto and the Port Wine from a new perspective!

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  • 2 nights in a Guest House or similar with breakfast;
  • Exclusive walking tour with a professional historian;
  • Wine tasting;
  • The oldest Porto wine cellars visit;
  • Entrance in the interpretive centre;
  • Ticket for the Electric Car and for the boat (just for one way);
  • Entrance in all the monuments mentioned in this offer;
  • Insurance as per law.

Not included

  • Transfers from and to the Guest House;
  • Porto touristic tax (tax charged by the Hotels in Porto of €2.00 per person per day);
  • Transfer from and to the cellar and the fishing village;
  • Meals (lunch and dinner);
  • Any personal expenses.

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