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For your protection and in a view of total transparency, we make sure that you know in advance the general conditions for the provision of our services. Like all Travel Agencies we have a legal obligation to ensure that our Customers accept these conditions before hiring our services.
If you have any questions, we are at your disposal for any clarification. Talk to us.


These General Conditions are intended to establish the terms and conditions governing the provision of services organized by the company Travel4Experineces, marketed using the brand name “Portgall – Turismo Experiencial, Lda”.
Services and products are offered to Customer under the terms and conditions set forth herein. In addition to these General Conditions, the specific Program of each activity should also be taken into account, as the Particular Conditions of Participation are expressed therein and both constitute, in the absence of a specific document, the service / travel contract.
These general conditions obey the provisions of Decree Law No. 17/2018 of 8 March.
By hiring one or more services, Customer acknowledges and accepts all terms and conditions set forth herein.


The organization, promotion and marketing of the programs and services contained in this site is performed by the company TRADIÇÕES d’OUTRORA, LDA., Headquartered at Avenida da República, 1226, 6º Tras.
4430-192 Vila Nova de Gaia, legal person with NIPC 513 915 494, registered in the National Register of Tourist Animation Agents with the number 4/2014.


All prices quoted on the Agency’s website and programs already reflect the Value Added Tax at the prevailing rate.


The Customer may pay the services contracted to the Agency by means of interbank transfer, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal and ATM Reference or other issuance as long as previously agreed with the Agency.
If payment is made by interbank transfer, the Agency will not charge Customer additional transaction costs. However, the Agency will not accept the sharing of bank fees and commissions applied to national and international transfers.
For payments via methods other than interbank transfer, the Agency will charge a transaction cost that is variable. If the Customer chooses these means of payment, he shall inform the Agency and the Agency will inform the amount of associated costs taking into account the amount to be paid.


It is the responsibility of the Client any and all personal or family documentation (identity card, driving license, authorization for minors, visas, certificate of vaccines and others if required). The Agency declines any responsibility for refusing to grant visas or refusing entry to the Customer in Portugal, being also the Client’s account any and all costs that such situation entails.


For the Agency: Whenever there are other reasons justifying it, in the case of organized events, the Agency may change the order of the routes, modify the departure times or replace any of the accommodation provided by others of similar category and location, and shall inform the Client. such amendment as soon as it becomes known.

By the Client: If the suppliers of the travel in question allow it, whenever a Client, registered for a particular trip, wishes to change his or her registration for another trip or departing on a different date, or any change, if any. requested by suppliers, you must pay a fee, such as change expenses. However, when the change takes place in advance of the service date to which you are subscribed, or, if service providers do not accept the change, you are subject to the due expenses and charges described in the “Customer Withdrawals and Cancellation”.

After the beginning of the trip, tour, or event, if it is requested to change the services contracted for reasons not attributable to the Agency (eg extension of nights of stay, change of flights, upgrades or downgrades, etc.) the prices of services may not correspond to those published in the program or information that motivated the hiring.
Prices listed for advertised programs are based on the costs of services at the programming date. These prices may be subject to change resulting from changes in taxes, rates and currency fluctuations over which the Agency has no control. Whenever there is a change in the price of the trip, the Client will be immediately informed and invited, within the time limit set by him, to accept the verified increase or to cancel his registration in the same terms and conditions as those provided in the chapter “Inability to partial compliance or cancellation by the Agency ”.


If for reasons not attributable to the Agency, the Agency is unable to fulfill any essential service contained in the program of an event, training, tour or organized trip, the Customer is entitled to withdraw and is immediately reimbursed of all amounts paid or, in Alternatively, accept a change and any price change.

The Agency also reserves the right to cancel events, tours, training courses or trips, due to circumstances beyond its control such as adverse weather conditions, unforeseen natural phenomena, public order changes, public order changes, strikes that may jeopardize the event. services or products required for the event, or other causes not directly related to the Agency’s services that endanger the safety of the participants. In these situations there will be no refund of the sums paid.

In the situations provided for in the second and third paragraphs of this chapter, the Agency shall provide an alternative date and time for the performance of the service (s) purchased. If it is not possible to reconcile dates, you may choose to:

a. Participate in another similarly priced organized trip that has vacancies available. If the proposed replacement package travel is lower priced, you will be reimbursed for the difference;

b. Be reimbursed for the amounts paid by then.

The Agency disclaims any liability in the event that the Customer has independently purchased any other related services prior to obtaining confirmation by the Agency of the event.


Upon commencement of service, there will be no refund for services not used by Customer for reasons of force majeure or attributable to Customer.

Failure to provide the services provided, for reasons attributable to the Organizing Agency and if it is not possible to replace them with other equivalents, authorizes the Customer to be reimbursed for the difference between the price of the services provided and those actually provided.


You may at any time waive your travel, tour, training, or contracted service. Customer cancellation may give rise to the refund of the amounts paid, as follows:

a. For services lasting 1 day (events, training, tours, etc.), if the cancellation is made up to the 15th day prior to the date of its realization.

b. For services lasting more than 1 day (events, training, tours and package tours), if the cancellation is made up to the 30th day prior to the date of completion.

There will be no refund of amounts paid if the Agency, following the reservation made, has already made commitments to other suppliers involved in the activity, whose cancellation is not possible.

If the client voluntarily withdraws from his / her participation in the event, training, tour or organized trip, prior to the conclusion of the defined program, the insurance coverage will cease immediately.

All cancellations or cancellations by the Customer must be notified to the Agency by email or by letter.


O Cliente inscrito em um evento, passeio, viagem ou serviço independente, não pode alterar seus dados de participação sem o consentimento expresso da Agência. Caso seja possível alterar, pode estar sujeito a despesas e encargos de acordo com o expresso ou título “Alterações”.


The Agency provides that all its events, tours and organized trips are pre-licensed with the City Councils in accordance with current Portuguese legislation.

The Agency also ensures that the necessary opinions and authorizations are obtained from the competent authorities, namely Republican National Guard, Public Security Police, Infrastructures of Portugal, Institute for Conversation of Nature and Forests, Portuguese Environment Agency and other public bodies with jurisdiction over the visited areas.

If during an event, tour or trip organized by the Agency, if the Client is approached by an authority element who asks for licensing information or advice, the Client shall refer the contact to the Agency tour leader.

The license is only valid for the date of the event, tour or organized trip and only for the route established by the Agency.

The Agency disclaims any liability for any fines, penalties or penalties that may be imposed on the Customer if the Customer fails to comply with the defined route or performs the same route on his or her own on a date other than the event, tour or package travel.


The liability of TRADIÇÕES d’OUTRORA, Lda., as a Travel Agency and Tourist Entertainment Agent, is guaranteed by a Liability Insurance at the insurance company, ensuring the risks arising from the activity performed and ensuring the compensation of property damage. and non-equity damages caused to Customers or third parties by Customer’s actions or omissions. Liability insurance also covers the repatriation of Clients and their medical care and necessary medicines in the event of an accident or illness occurring during the trip, including those that may be necessary after the trip is completed.

Participants in activities organized by the Agency are also covered by Personal Accident Insurance.

The Agency is not responsible for any damage or accident that occurs during the events, tour or travel, which is not covered by the above insurance, whose particular conditions are available for consultation whenever Customers request them. Customer waives any claims or liabilities from the Agency or any of its representatives and collaborators.

The Agency is not responsible for providing medical assistance or relief in the event of an accident occurring during an event, tour or package travel, nor is it responsible for the response times of the competent authorities providing relief.


All information regarding programs and guides for events, training, tours or other services are the intellectual property of the Agency and may not be reproduced in part or in whole, shared and published by Customer, or used for other purposes.

The routes made available in activities promoted by the Agency are also the property of the Agency and the Agency does not authorize their copying, reproduction or dissemination, for private or commercial purposes.

Routes to be pursued in the activities promoted by the Agency may include access and circulation in areas of private restricted access roads, as well as Environmental Protection or Nature Reserve Zones. In such cases the Agency has previously obtained from the owners and / or competent authorities the necessary authorizations for their use. However these permits are only valid for the days of the events.


Pursuant to Law No. 144/2015 of September 8, the Client may resort to the following Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity: Arbitral Commission of Tourism of Portugal (


In all disputes arising from the interpretation or execution of these General Conditions, Portuguese law shall apply.


The Agency reserves the right to modify and update these General Conditions from time to time without prior notice to Customers. Such change will not, however, affect reservations already made.


If any part or provision of these General Conditions were found to be null or void, the remaining provisions shall remain in force and their overall validity shall not be affected unless it can be concluded that the parties would not have agreed to provision of the service or supply of the product if they had provided for the invalidity or ineffectiveness of the provision in question.

The General Conditions are complemented by the program of the trip, tour, event or training to which the Client enrolls and which constitute the particular conditions of his participation. They may also be supplemented by any other specific conditions sent to you upon registration or any other conditions as otherwise agreed by the parties. Since the specific conditions complement and override these General Conditions.